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Choosing a Professional Roofing Contractor in New Orleans

Seven things homeowners should consider before selecting a Louisiana roofing contractor:


  1. INSURANCE : A contractor’s insurance can protect you from involvement in workers’ injuries, third person liabilities, and damages resulting from the job. Make sure your home and property are never at risk. Your contractor should be able to present a copy of a current certificate of insurance.

  2. LICENSE: Always verify and search for a contractor’s license or registration number by visiting the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors.

  3. CERTIFICATIONS: Vendor-neutral qualifications certify the competency of service professionals in the industry. These are designations earned by a company indicating that it is able to perform the job. Certification is a voluntary action and is useful in comparing service providers.

  4. REFERENCES: The more experienced a contractor is, the better. References are an excellent way to determine the contractor’s reliability and expertise. Ask a friend or neighbor who recently had roof work performed about their experience with the contractor. Ask the contractor for a list of recent projects. Real estate agents and home builders can also be great sources of information.

  5. WARRANTY: Always ask about the warranty and its terms. It is very important to read about this feature before the product and service are purchased. Be aware of the conditions and length of warranty provided by the manufacturer and service provider. Keep in mind that any warranty is only as good as the company behind it. Ask how long your potential contractor has been in business.

  6. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Always go for a company that provides reliable, fast and trustworthy service. Great service means a delighted customer and determines the quality of company you are dealing with.

  7. ESTIMATES: Get an accurate estimate of work to be performed. Don’t sign anything until you understand the terms of the estimate clearly.

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